Sky Variability in the y Band at the LSST Site

  title={Sky Variability in the y Band at the LSST Site},
  author={Fredrick William High and Christopher W. Stubbs and Brian Stalder and David Kirk Gilmore and John L. Tonry},
  journal={Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific},
  • F. W. High, C. Stubbs, +2 authors J. Tonry
  • Published 18 February 2010
  • Physics, Environmental Science
  • Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific
We have measured spatial and temporal variability in the y-band sky brightness over the course of four nights above Cerro Tololo near Cerro Pachon, Chile, the planned site for the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST). Our wide-angle camera lens provided a 41° field of view and a 145'' pixel scale. We minimized potential system throughput differences by deploying a deep-depletion CCD and a filter that matches the proposed LSST y3 band (970 -1030 nm). Images of the sky exhibited coherent wave… Expand

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