Skinhead culture: the ideologies, mythologies, religions and conspiracy theories of racist skinheads

  title={Skinhead culture: the ideologies, mythologies, religions and conspiracy theories of racist skinheads},
  author={John F. Pollard},
  journal={Patterns of Prejudice},
  pages={398 - 419}
  • J. Pollard
  • Published 19 October 2016
  • Sociology
  • Patterns of Prejudice
ABSTRACT Groups of racist skinheads now constitute a significant element of the global radical right. The British youth subculture of the late 1960s has thus been transformed into a worldwide social movement, the violent cutting-edge of white supremacist resistance to multiculturalism. Pollard examines the historical development of the racist skinhead phenomenon and, in particular, analyses the origins, nature and development of the ideas that inspire it: the foundational myth; ‘skinhead, a way… 
“Nation against the system”: nationalist rap as the voice of marginalized classes and losers from the neoliberal transformation in Poland
  • P. Żuk, P. Żuk
  • Sociology
    Communication and Critical/Cultural Studies
  • 2021
ABSTRACT This article analyzes the phenomenon of nationalist rap in Poland. According to the authors, the seemingly independent rap uses a more radical version of the discourse of the right-wing
Embodying ‘the Nordic race’: imaginaries of Viking heritage in the online communications of the Nordic Resistance Movement
ABSTRACT Kølvraa’s article focuses on the cultural imaginary of the Scandinavian extreme right by analysing the online presence of the so-called Nordic Resistance Movement. He seeks to show how the
“We Are the White Aryan Warriors”: Violence, Homosociality, and the Construction of Masculinity in the National Socialist Movement in Sweden
Violence is a significant element in the constitution, emotional structure, and reproduction of right-wing extremism and neo-Nazism. This article examines the life histories of former neo-Nazis and
Becoming a skinhead: An ethnobiography of brutalized life and reflective violence
This article paints the portrait of Yvan, a skinhead who lived in close proximity to the streets and to life at the margins, with all its attendant violence, before dying at the age of 28. While the
Shaved heads and sonnenrads: comparing white supremacist skinheads and the alt-right in New Zealand
ABSTRACT This article looks at two periods in the history of white supremacy in New Zealand: the short-lived explosion of skinhead groups in the 1990s, and the contemporary rise of the
“The national music scene”: the analysis of the Nazi rock discourse and its relationship with the upsurge of nationalism in Poland
ABSTRACT The article contains the analysis of lyrics created by bands associated with the “national music scene” in Poland, as well as the means of fascist propaganda used in music by far-right
The Schrödinger’s Cat of Gang Groups: Can Street Gangs Inform Our Comprehension of Skinheads and Alt-Right Groups?
ABSTRACT Given the current political climate, the mainstreaming of Alt-Right groups, and growing public concern, this paper argues that gang scholars are well situated to investigate these Alt-Right
Far-Right Contestation in Australia: Soldiers of Odin and True Blue Crew
  • P. Nilan
  • Political Science
    The Far-Right in Contemporary Australia
  • 2019
This chapter critically considers two contrasting far-right groups in Australia: Soldiers of Odin and True Blue Crew. Both are stridently anti-Muslim. True Blue Crew members organise protests, incite
Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Extreme Right-Wing Ideologies in Australian Black Metal
Abstract: This paper will examine the presence of extreme right-wing ideologies in the Australian black metal bands Spear of Longinus and Deströyer 666. We demonstrate how the album artwork, lyrics,
Thinking About Right-Wing Extremism in Canada
This chapter includes background information about our three-year study on right-wing extremism (RWE) in Canada. The chapter consists of three core sections: (1) defining the radical right; (2)


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The hooked-cross, the symbol of re-awakening life": the memory of Ian Stuart Donaldson
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The New Fascists, 86; White Skins
    Nazi music in Poland', in Lowles and Silver, White Noise
      Milo Books 2001) is the only serious study of the rise and fall of Combat 18
        For Zeskind's claim that many early American skinheads 'invented a working-class identity for their movement', see Zeskind, 'A bad moon rising
          Bomb threat, clashes at far-right "day of honour" rally
            It is common among other skinheads to resent what they regard as the adverse media image of all skinheads
              Eric Pleasants British Freikorps
              • Blood & Honour
              • 1999
              one of the fastest growing neo-Fascist groups in Italy, calls The Cutty Sark pub in Rome, one of its meeting places