Skin ultrastructure in senile lentigo.

  title={Skin ultrastructure in senile lentigo.},
  author={Emmanuelle Noblesse and Carine Nizard and Muriel Cario-Andre and S{\'e}bastien Lepreux and Catherine Pain and Sylvianne Schnebert and Alain Ta{\"i}eb and Robin Kurfurst},
  journal={Skin pharmacology and physiology},
  volume={19 2},
Senile lentigo is a common component of photoaged skin. It is characterized by hyperpigmented macules which affect chronically irradiated skin mostly after the age of 50. This study was undertaken to assess the morphology of senile lentigo on the dorsum of the hands. A systematic comparison between lesional and perilesional skin using histology and transmission electron microscopy was done to determine whether melanocytes or keratinocytes are affected in the evolution of lesions and which… CONTINUE READING