Skin-reducing mastectomy with breast reconstruction and sub-pectoral implants.

  title={Skin-reducing mastectomy with breast reconstruction and sub-pectoral implants.},
  author={Guidubaldo Querci della Rovere and Maurizio Nava and Ricardo Bonomi and Giuseppe Catanuto and J R Benson},
  journal={Journal of plastic, reconstructive & aesthetic surgery : JPRAS},
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One of the difficulties of an immediate breast reconstruction with a sub-pectoral tissue expander is fashioning the lower, medial end of the pouch because of the insertion of the fibres of the pectoral muscle into the ribs. This often requires delayed corrections to provide a good cosmetic result with fullness of the lower medial quadrant of the reconstructed breast. Skin-reducing mastectomy (SRM) is a technique that potentially resolves this cosmetic problem by creating a dermomuscular pouch… CONTINUE READING