Skin pigmentation due to minocycline treatment of facial dermatoses.

  title={Skin pigmentation due to minocycline treatment of facial dermatoses.},
  author={Cathy Dwyer and Agnes Cuddihy and R E Kerr and Robert Sedgwick Chapman and B. F. Allam},
  journal={The British journal of dermatology},
  volume={129 2},
Fifty-four patients taking minocycline for acne or rosacea were assessed for adverse effects. Their mean duration of treatment was 17 months, and their average cumulative dose was 47 g. No symptoms attributable to the therapy were reported. Biochemistry and haematology profiles were normal. There was no evidence of an adverse effect on thyroid function. Skin pigmentation was detected in eight patients (14.8%). Five patients had diffuse facial pigmentation, and three patients had localized… CONTINUE READING