Skin involvement in scleroderma--where histological and clinical scores meet.

  title={Skin involvement in scleroderma--where histological and clinical scores meet.},
  author={Franck Verrecchia and Julien Laboureau and Olivier V{\'e}rola and Nathalie Roos and Raphael Porcher and Patrick Bruneval and Marjane Ertault and K P Tiev and L Michel and Alain Mauviel and Dominique Farge},
  volume={46 5},
OBJECTIVES A clinico-pathological study in diffuse systemic sclerosis (SSc) patients was performed to analyse whether the skin histological organization and the pro-fibrotic signals elicited by TGF-beta in fibroblasts vary according to the modified Rodnan skin score (mRSS). METHODS Twenty-seven SSc patients underwent 45 skin biopsies with simultaneous measure of mRSS before or after treatment by immunosuppressive drugs, with or without autologous peripheral haematopoietic stem cell… CONTINUE READING
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