Skin fluorescence controlled photodynamic photorejuvenation (wrinkle reduction).

  title={Skin fluorescence controlled photodynamic photorejuvenation (wrinkle reduction).},
  author={Peter J Bjerring and Kaare Christiansen and Agneta Troilius and Philip Bekhor and Jaap de Leeuw},
  journal={Lasers in surgery and medicine},
  volume={41 5},
BACKGROUND Identical skin fluorescence can be obtained after one hour spraying with 0.5% liposome-encapsulated 5-ALA and after 0.5 hour application of 20% 5-ALA in a cream base. In this study the clinical outcome and side effects using the 0.5% 5-ALA in Caucasian skin are investigated and compared to earlier reported non-ablative treatments for wrinkles and improvements of skin texture using 20% ALA photodynamic photorejuvenation. METHODS AND MATERIALS 37 healthy Caucasian female patients… CONTINUE READING


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