Skin-derived micro-organs induce angiogenesis in rabbits.


We have recently reported an alternative cell therapy approach to induce angiogenesis. The approach is based on small organ fragments--micro-organs (MOs)--whose geometry allows preservation of the natural epithelial/mesenchymal interactions and ensures appropriate diffusion of nutrients and gases to all cells. We have shown that lung-derived MOs, when… (More)


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@article{Hasson2006SkinderivedMI, title={Skin-derived micro-organs induce angiogenesis in rabbits.}, author={Eilat Hasson and Jeniffer Gallula and Yael Shimoni and Etty Grad-Itach and Moshe Marikovsky and Eduardo Mitrani}, journal={Journal of vascular research}, year={2006}, volume={43 2}, pages={139-48} }