Skin color matters in India

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Darker shades of “fairness” in India: Male attractiveness and colorism in commercials

Abstract The skin-lightening products for men in India and their mode of advertising have been shaping the concept of attractiveness for Indian men by portraying lighter skin tone as the most

Skin-lightening practices in India

The most widely used topical agent in skin lightening is hydroquinone, while other non-hydroquinone agents are also frequently used and combined agents have increased efficacy.

Color in Context: Three Angles on Contemporary Colorism

Colorism is a form of discrimination based on skin tone wherein people with light(er) complexions are advantaged over those with dark(er) ones. In this review, we define key terms, explore colorism

Changing face of dermatology – A paradigm shift

There is a need for structured training and accreditation for cosmetic dermatology, aesthetic surgery, dermatosurgery, use of lasers, and hair transplantation, and there is an increase in the anti-ageing population in this world who don’t want their face wrinkles and aging skin changes.

Causes and consequences of employment in textile industries: A study on employed adolescent girls of Tamil Nadu

Context: A distinctive recruitment strategy named “Sumangali scheme” operates in the textile industries of Tamil Nadu, where adolescent girls are lured to work for a specified period of time in