Skin climacteric aging and hormone replacement therapy.

  title={Skin climacteric aging and hormone replacement therapy.},
  author={Pascale Quatresooz and C Pi{\'e}rard-franchimont and Ulysse J. Gaspard and G{\'e}rald E. Pi{\'e}rard},
  journal={Journal of cosmetic dermatology},
  volume={5 1},
A gender perspective is indispensable for a full understanding of aging. Menopause is a turning point in women's lives. In addition to the effects of chronological aging, sunlight exposure, and other environmental and endogenous stimuli, the climacteric appears to exert some dramatic consequences on skin biology and aspect. The epidermis may become xerotic and exhibit altered functions. The dermis thins out and its elasticity decreases in concert with the decline in bone mass. The skin… CONTINUE READING

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