Skin cancer preventative behaviors in state park workers: a pilot study.

  title={Skin cancer preventative behaviors in state park workers: a pilot study.},
  author={Vinayak K Nahar and Marjorie A. Ford and Javier F Boyas and Robert Thomas Brodell and Amanda Hutcheson and Robert E. Davis and Kim R Beason and Martha Ann Bass and Rizwana Biviji-Sharma},
  journal={Environmental health and preventive medicine},
  volume={19 6},
OBJECTIVES Considering the potential for occupational sun exposure among state park workers, the purpose of this pilot study was to identify skin cancer knowledge, health beliefs, self-efficacy, and sun protection behaviors (SPBs) among state park employees. METHODS The current study used a cross-sectional survey research design with state park workers in a Southern state. Of the 94 possible employees who could have participated in the study, 87 completed the survey. RESULTS Assessment of… CONTINUE READING

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