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Skin Wound Healing Promoting Effect of Polysaccharides Extracts from Tremella fuciformis and Auricularia auricula on the ex-vivo Porcine Skin Wound Healing Model

  title={Skin Wound Healing Promoting Effect of Polysaccharides Extracts from Tremella fuciformis and Auricularia auricula on the ex-vivo Porcine Skin Wound Healing Model},
  author={Ratchanee Khamlue and Nikhom Naksupan and Anan Ounaroon and Nuttawut Saelim}
In this study we focused on the wound healing promoting effect of polysaccharides purified from Tremella fuciformis and Auricularia auricula by using the ex-vivo porcine skin wound healing model (PSWHM) as a tool for wound healing evaluation due to human ethics and animal right concerns, and more practical and high throughput experiment. Using previously reported protocol with modifications, purified polysaccharides from A. auricula and T. fuciformis were obtained at 0.84 and 2.0% yields (w/w… Expand

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