Skin Furrows of the Hand

  title={Skin Furrows of the Hand},
  author={William James Herschel},
ALLOW me to contribute the information in my possession in furtherance of the interesting study undertaken by your Japan correspondent (vol. xxii. p. 605). 

Gender Prediction from the Primary Fingerprint Pattern: A Study among Medical Students in Ambrose Alli University, Ekpoma

This paper aims to clarify the role of language in the development of identity in the criminal justice system and investigates the use of language impairment in certain criminal cases.

Visualize fingerprints on brass after removal of secretions

The use of fingerprints left at the scene of a crime to identify an offender was first suggested in the nineteenth century,1, 2 and this branch of forensics continues to play an integral role in a

A Review- Timeline of Palm prints since beginning till now

No single comprehensive study has yet been made of the historical role of palm prints in human culture; a considerable amount of information on prints is scattered in the anthropological and

Electrochemiluminescence imaging of latent fingermarks through the immunodetection of secretions in human perspiration.

We present the combination of electrochemiluminescence imaging with enzyme immunoassay for the highly sensitive detection of protein/polypeptide residues in latent fingermarks. This technique


While the term dermatoglyphics was coined by Cummins and Midlo in 1926, interest in the papillary ridges and their patterns extend back to antiquity. Since time immemorial man has been fascinated and

Significance of Fingerprints in A Brutal Travel Bag Murder- A Case Report

This case reflects the precision, accuracy, and reliability of the fingerprint expert and the technology used by them, including chemical methods like ninhydrin and cyanoacrylate along with the high efficacy of the Automated Fingerprint Identification System.

History of Fingerprint Pattern Recognition

This article summarizes the major developments in the history of efforts to use fingerprint patterns to identify individuals, from the earliest fingerprint classification systems of Vucetich and

Latent Fingerprint Developers

The evil of illegal diamond trafficking is well illustrated in the closing address of the Tanganyika Crown Counsel during a recent case involving the seizure (without trap) of a considerable number

New generation of automated fingerprint recognition system

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What Counts for Identity? The Historical Origins of the Methodology of Latent Fingerprint Identification

  • S. Cole
  • Education
    Science in Context
  • 1999
The Argument Two parallel traditions have coexisted throughout the history of modern finger print identification. One, which gave more emphasis to the rhetoric of “science,” has always been somewhat