Skin Diseases Detection Models using Image Processing: A Survey

  title={Skin Diseases Detection Models using Image Processing: A Survey},
  author={Nisha Yadav and V. K. Narang and Utpal Shrivastava},
  journal={International Journal of Computer Applications},
Now a days, skin diseases are mostly found in animals, humans and plants. A skin disease is a particular kind of illness caused by bacteria or an infection. These diseases like alopecia, ringworm, yeast infection, brown spot, allergies, eczema etc. have various dangerous effects on the skin and keep on spreading over time. It becomes important to identify these diseases at their initial stage to control it from spreading. These diseases are identified by using many technologies such as image… 

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Skin Disease Diagnosis System Using Image Processing

In proposed system image of the skin disease will be captured using smart-phone camera, the system will compare the captured image with the training data set using Optimization image processing techniques and decides whether a skin suffers from diseases or not, if there is disease.

Detecting Skin Disease by Accurate Skin Segmentation Using Various Color Spaces

The detection of skin disease by image processing tools like preprocessing, segmentation, feature extraction, classification and uses specific techniques for the relative steps to improve the efficiency of the system.

Analysis and Identification of Dermatological Diseases Using Gaussian Mixture Modeling

This paper investigates the application of the Gaussian mixture model (GMM) based on the analysis and classification of skin diseases from their visual images using a Mahalanobis distance measure and shows that the proposed method is able to predict the classification ofSkin diseases with satisfactory efficiency.

A Web-Based Skin Disease Detection System: Medilab-Plus

A convolutional neural network classifier built upon a Tensor flow framework for classifying a user-uploaded image as Eczema, Impetigo or Melanoma, which allows an online user to detect skin diseases in human and to make available, advises or possible medical actions in a precise short period.

A Web-Based Skin Disease Diagnosis Using Convolutional Neural Networks

A web-based skin disease detection system named medilab-plus using a convolutional neural network classifier built upon the Tensorflow framework for detecting (atopic dermatitis, acne vulgaris, and scabies) skin diseases is proposed.

Detection of Vitiligo Skin Disease using LVQ Neural Network

The idea which is used to detect the affected area of the Vitiligo disease with help of image captured by camera and classified the affected Area from non-affected area in image is provided.

Data Mining Techniques to Deductthe Human Skin Diseases

This paper will use some system based on the decision tree for mining a data and Image processing and this system will be used for categorization of human skin diseases.

Dermatological Diseases Classification using Image Processing and Deep Neural Network

A system to classify such diseases of 10 different classes containing 5500 images obtained from the Dermnet dataset is proposed, which has validation accuracy found of be 74.1% and by further fine tuning is found to be 76.3%, when tested on those dataset.

Evaluation of psoriasis skin disease classification using convolutional neural network

This paper showed the promising used of CNN with the accuracy rate of 82.9% and 72.4% for Plaque and Guttate Psoriasis skin disease, respectively.

Classification of Human Skin Diseases using Data Mining

  • Qusay Kanaan Kadhim
  • Computer Science
    International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science
  • 2017
The researcher will try to use the decision tree and digital image processing principals to detect skin diseases using some features found in a digital image for a skin.



Expert System For Diagnosis Of Skin Diseases

A development of a skin diseases diagnosis system which allows user to identify diseases of the human skin and to provide advises or medical treatments in a very short time period.

Applying image processing technique to detect plant diseases

A methodology for detecting plant diseases early and accurately, using diverse image processing techniques and artificial neural network (ANN) is proposed.

Classification of cotton leaf spot diseases using image processing edge detection techniques

  • P. RevathiM. Hemalatha
  • Computer Science
    2012 International Conference on Emerging Trends in Science, Engineering and Technology (INCOSET)
  • 2012
New technological strategies using mobile captured symptoms of cotton leaf spot images and categorize the diseases using HPCCDD Proposed Algorithm based on Image RGB feature ranging techniques to identify the diseases.

Recent Studies of Image and Soft Computing Techniques for Plant Disease Recognition and Classification

The paper presents a survey of recent studies on the area of plant disease recognition and classification from digital images using image processing and soft computing techniques, omitting the disease severity quantification.

A developed system for melanoma diagnosis

The proposed work is based on a combination of a segmentation method and an analytical method and aims to improve these two methods in order to develop an interface that can assist dermatologists in the diagnostic phase.

Image processing for smart farming: Detection of disease and fruit grading

Effective algorithms for spread of disease and mango counting are demonstrated and artificial neural network concept is used for practical implementation using MATLAB.

Grading and Classification of Anthracnose Fungal Disease of Fruits based on Statistical Texture Features

In this paper, lesion areas affected by anthracnose are segmented using segmentation techniques, graded based on percentage of affected area and neural network classifier is used to classify normal

Feasibility Study on Plant Chili Disease Detection Using Image Processing Techniques

The effective way used in performing early detection of chili disease through leaf features inspection is discussed, which will ensure that the chemicals only applied when the plants are detected to be effected with the diseases.

An Innovative Skin Detection Approach Using Color Based Image Retrieval Technique

The result shows that the presenting approach, in addition to its high accuracy in detecting type of skin, has no sensitivity to illumination intensity and moving face orientation.

Artificial Neural Network Based Plant Leaf Disease Detection

The studies of plant disease refer to the studies of visually observable patterns of a particular plant. Nowadays crops are damaged due to many types of diseases. Damage of the insect is one of the