Skewed X inactivation and IVF-conceived infants.

  title={Skewed X inactivation and IVF-conceived infants.},
  author={Jennifer L. King and Baoli Yang and Amy E. T. Sparks and Lindsay M Mains and Jeffrey C Murray and Bradley J. Van Voorhis},
  journal={Reproductive biomedicine online},
  volume={20 5},
The objective of this study was to investigate whether skewed X chromosome inactivation (XCI) is associated with IVF. A retrospective cohort study was performed comprising 30 female infants conceived by IVF and 44 naturally conceived control infants matched for gestational age and sex. Cord blood DNA samples were obtained and XCI patterns were analysed using a methylation-sensitive assay. Eight IVF samples and 13 control samples were excluded from the study because they were either homozygous… CONTINUE READING

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