Skew-product dynamical systems for crossed product C⁎-algebras and their ergodic properties

  title={Skew-product dynamical systems for crossed product C⁎-algebras and their ergodic properties},
  author={Simone Del Vecchio and Francesco Fidaleo and Stefano De Rossi},
  journal={Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications},
Abstract Starting from a discrete C ⁎ -dynamical system ( A , θ , ω o ) , we define and study most of the main ergodic properties of the crossed product C ⁎ -dynamical system ( A ⋊ α Z , Φ θ , u , ω o ∘ E ) , E : A ⋊ α Z → A being the canonical conditional expectation of A ⋊ α Z onto A , provided α ∈ Aut ( A ) commute with the ⁎-automorphism θ up to a unitary u ∈ A . Here, Φ θ , u ∈ Aut ( A ⋊ α Z ) can be considered as the fully noncommutative generalisation of the celebrated skew-product… 
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