Sketching valuation functions

  title={Sketching valuation functions},
  author={Ashwinkumar Badanidiyuru and Shahar Dobzinski and Hui Fu and Robert D. Kleinberg and Noam Nisan and Tim Roughgarden},
Motivated by the problem of querying and communicating bidders’ valuations in combinatorial auctions, we study how well different classes of set functions can be sketched. More formally, let f be a function mapping subsets of some ground set [n] to the non-negative real numbers. We say that f ′ is an α-sketch of f if for every set S, the value f ′(S) lies between f(S)/α and f(S), and f ′ can be specified by poly(n) bits. We show that for every subadditive function f there exists an α-sketch… CONTINUE READING
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