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  • Published 2016


(ii) Denote this map by φ, which is induced by the compositions with εi : Xi ↪→ ⊔ j Xj , i ∈ I. If φ(fi) = φ(gj) for some fi ∈ Hom(Y,Xi) and gj ∈ Hom(Y,Xj), then we must have i = j because φ(fi) and φ(gj) have the same image. Since φ(fi) = εi ◦ fi, φ(gi) = εi ◦ gi and εi is an injective map, we deduce that fi(y) = gi(y), ∀y ∈ Y , i.e. fi = gi. (iii) This… (More)


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