SketchSoup: Exploratory Ideation Using Design Sketches

  title={SketchSoup: Exploratory Ideation Using Design Sketches},
  author={Rahul Arora and I. Darolia and V. P. Namboodiri and Karan Singh and Adrien Bousseau},
  journal={Comput. Graph. Forum},
A hallmark of early stage design is a number of quick-and-dirty sketches capturing design inspirations, model variations, and alternate viewpoints of a visual concept. We present SketchSoup, a workflow that allows designers to explore the design space induced by such sketches. We take an unstructured collection of drawings as input, along with a small number of user-provided correspondences as input. We register them using a multi-image matching algorithm, and present them as a 2D interpolation… CONTINUE READING
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