Skeletal muscle reflex in heart failure patients: role of hydrogen.

  title={Skeletal muscle reflex in heart failure patients: role of hydrogen.},
  author={Adam Charles Scott and Roland Wensel and Constantinos H. Davos and Panagiota Georgiadou and Michael Kemp and James Hooper and Andrew J. Stewart Coats and Massimo Francesco Piepoli},
  volume={107 2},
BACKGROUND An important role of the increased stimulation of skeletal muscle ergoreceptors (intramuscular afferents sensitive to products of muscle work) in the genesis of symptoms of exertion intolerance in chronic heart failure (CHF) has been proposed. With the use of selective infusions and dietary manipulation methods, we sought to identify the role of H+, K+, lactate, and peripheral hemodynamics on ergoreflex overactivation. METHODS AND RESULTS Ten stable CHF patients (aged 67.9+/-2.5… CONTINUE READING


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