[Skeletal data of the healthy human hip joint. Mean values, fluctuations, relations].


In order to perform a biomechanical analysis of the human hip joint and to delimit pathologic findings the skeletal data of the normal hip joint must be known. The individual values for characteristic geometric variables determined in 443 normal hip joints were statistically analyzed and graphically represented; the mean and standard deviation were also calculated. A correlation analysis of the individual characteristic geometric variables, and in particular also of loading and pressure, shows that the human hip joint must not be considered on the basis of isolated individual characteristic variables, but must be assessed as a function system comprising various parameters. This leads to all-important conclusions for routine practice as regards indications for surgery.


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@article{Legal1988SkeletalDO, title={[Skeletal data of the healthy human hip joint. Mean values, fluctuations, relations].}, author={Horacio Legal and Hanns Ruder and Georg Thurner and I Warmbein}, journal={Zeitschrift für Orthopädie und ihre Grenzgebiete}, year={1988}, volume={126 5}, pages={589-95} }