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Skein and cluster algebras of unpunctured surfaces for $\mathfrak{sp}_4$

  title={Skein and cluster algebras of unpunctured surfaces for \$\mathfrak\{sp\}\_4\$},
  author={Tsukasa Ishibashi and Wataru Yuasa},
Continuing to our previous work [IY21] on the sl3-case, we introduce a skein algebra S q sp 4 ,Σ consisting of sp4-webs on a marked surface Σ with certain “clasped” skein relations at special points, and investigate its cluster nature. We also introduce a natural Zq-form S Zq sp 4 ,Σ ⊂ S q sp 4 ,Σ, while the natural coefficient ring R of S q sp 4 ,Σ includes the inverse of the quantum integer [2]q. We prove that its boundary-localization S Zq sp 4 ,Σ[∂ ] is included into a quantum cluster… 



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