Skater girlhood and emphasized femininity: ‘you can't land an ollie properly in heels’

  title={Skater girlhood and emphasized femininity: ‘you can't land an ollie properly in heels’},
  author={Deirdre Kelly and Shauna Pomerantz and Dawn H. Currie},
  journal={Gender and Education},
  pages={229 - 248}
This study draws from interviews with 20 girls in British Columbia, Canada who participated to varying degrees in skateboarding culture. We found that skater girls saw themselves as participating in an ‘alternative’ girlhood. Becoming skater girls involved the work and play of producing themselves in relation to alternative images found among peers at school, at skate parks, online and in music videos. The alternative authority of skater girl discourse gave the girls room to manoeuvre within… 

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Sk8er girls: Skateboarders, girlhood and feminism in motion

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