Skånes basalter mikroskopiskt undersökta och beskrifna

  title={Sk{\aa}nes basalter mikroskopiskt unders{\"o}kta och beskrifna},
  author={Fr. Eichst{\"a}dt},
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Jurassic volcanism in Skåne, southern Sweden, and its relation to coeval regional and global events
Isolated exposures of basalt in a 1000 km2 area in the central northern part of Skåne have long been known to the local people. A volcanic origin for these rocks was finally resolved by geologists
Rhönite from Skåne (Scania), southern Sweden
Abstract Rhonite has been found as a primary phase in six Mesozoic basanites from Scania. X-ray diffraction results are in accordance with the pseudomonoclinic cell parameters presented by K. Walenta
Ueber die Gesteine des Kilimandscharo und dessen Umgebung.