Sjögren's syndrome with pleural effusion.

  title={Sj{\"o}gren's syndrome with pleural effusion.},
  author={Tohru Ogihara and Atsutoshi Nakatani and Hidefumi Ito and Masanori Irokawa and Shinichi Ban and Atsushi Takahashi and Makoto Nishinarita and Yoshitomo Oka},
  journal={Internal medicine},
  volume={34 8},
Sjögren's syndrome (Sjs) can cause many organic changes, but is rarely accompanied by pleuritis. We report here a 62-year-old patient with subclinical Sjs who developed unilateral pleuritis with moderate effusion. He was diagnosed to have subclinical Sjs based on the positivity of anti SS-A/SS-B antibodies and the biopsy findings of minor salivary glands which revealed lymphocyte infiltration around the duct. In the pleural effusion, both increased lymphocytes and anti SS-A/SS-B antibodies were… CONTINUE READING