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Självklart känner folk mer empati för människor ... eller? : Två experiment om empati för människor och djur

  title={Sj{\"a}lvklart k{\"a}nner folk mer empati f{\"o}r m{\"a}nniskor ... eller? : Tv{\aa} experiment om empati f{\"o}r m{\"a}nniskor och djur},
  author={Malin Angantyr},
Tva experiment undersokte om en manniska och ett djur som far lika illa vacker olika mycket empati. I Experiment 1 fick 108 personer lasa en berattelse dar antingen en man, kvinna, hund eller katt ... 

Attityder kring självskadebeteende relaterat till empati

En experimentell vinjettstudie genomfordes for att undersoka hur graden av em-pati for personer med ett sjalvskadebeteende varierar beroende pa bakomliggande orsak samt grad av kannedom om amnet. I

Decision making and the role of empathy in animal ethics committees (AECs)

Ethical evaluation of scientific studies carried out using animals is legally mandated in many countries and has been so in Sweden for over three decades. The animal ethics committees (AECs)



”Älska din nästa så som dig själv” : Samband mellan empati och självkänsla

En enkatundersokning genomfordes pa 306 gymnasieelever. Syftet var att undersoka samband mellan empati/personal distress och bassjalvkansla/forvarvad sjalvkansla. Studien visade att respondenter me

Empathic: An Unappreciated Way of Being

It is my thesis in this paper that we should re-examine and re-evaluate that very special way of being with another person which has been called empathic. I believe we tend to give too little

Do dogs (Canis familiaris) seek help in an emergency?

Dogs did not understand the nature of the emergency or the need to obtain help, and one or two bystanders were available to which dogs could go for help.

An additional antecedent of empathic concern: valuing the welfare of the person in need.

Manipulated valuing increased measured perspective taking and, in part as a result, increased empathic concern, which, in turn, increased helping behavior.

Empathy-based helping: is it selflessly or selfishly motivated?

It is hypothesized that an observer's heightened empathy for a sufferer brings with it increased personal sadness in the observer and that it is the egoistic desire to relieve the sadness, rather than the selfless desire to relief the sufferer, that motivates helping.

The functional architecture of human empathy.

A model of empathy that involves parallel and distributed processing in a number of dissociable computational mechanisms is proposed and may be used to make specific predictions about the various empathy deficits that can be encountered in different forms of social and neurological disorders.

Why Act for the Public Good? Four Answers

A conceptual analysis is offered that differentiates four motives for acting for the public good: egoism, collectivism, altruism, and principlism. Differentiation is based on identification of a

Free the animals? Investigating attitudes toward animal testing in Britain and the United States.

Overall, there was support for animal testing under the right conditions, although there was also concern for the welfare of animals and the conditions under which testing takes place.

Any animal whatever. Darwinian building blocks of morality in monkeys and apes

To what degree has biology influenced and shaped the development of moral systems? One way to determine the extent to which human moral systems might be the product of natural selection is to explore