Sizing up the sub-Tommotian unconformity in Siberia.

  title={Sizing up the sub-Tommotian unconformity in Siberia.},
  author={Andrew H Knoll and Alan Jay Kaufman and Mikhail A. Semikhatov and John P. Grotzinger and Wallace Adams},
  volume={23 12},
Sedimentary rocks in the western Anabar region, northwestern Siberia, preserve an exceptional record of evolution and biogeochemical events near the Proterozoic-Cambrian boundary. Carbon isotopic data on petrographically and geochemically screened samples collected at 1 to 2 m intervals support correlation of the lower Anabar succession (Staraya Reckha and lower Manykai Formations) with sub-Tommotian carbonates of the Ust'-Yu-doma Formation in southeastern Siberia. In contrast, the upper… CONTINUE READING

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