Size matters: Reconsidering Horus on the crocodiles in miniature

  title={Size matters: Reconsidering Horus on the crocodiles in miniature},
  author={J. Draycott},
A Horus cippus is a specific type of magical stele thought to provide protection from wild animals. Horus cippi were available in a variety of sizes, ranging from small enough for an individual to wear as an amulet or otherwise carry around on his or her person, to large enough to erect and dedicate as a monument in the courtyard of a temple. This chapter focuses on the small, portable Horus cippi that travellers and pilgrims carried with them on their journeys. I will argue against the use of… Expand
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An Egyptian Cippus of Horus in the Iran National Museum, Tehran
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Horus on the Crocodiles
  • K. Seele
  • History
  • Journal of Near Eastern Studies
  • 1947