Size effect in micro-scale cantilever beam bending

  title={Size effect in micro-scale cantilever beam bending},
  author={Su. Chen and Biao Feng},
  journal={Acta Mechanica},
When the thickness of metallic cantilever beams reduces to the order of micron, a strong size effect of mechanical behavior has been found. In order to explain the size effect in a micro-cantilever beam, the couple-stress theory (Fleck and Hutchinson, J Mech Phys Solids 41:1825–1857, 1993) and the C-W strain gradient theory (Chen and Wang, Acta Mater 48:3997–4005, 2000) are used with the help of the Bernoulli–Euler beam model. The cantilever beam is considered as the linear elastic and rigid… CONTINUE READING

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