Size-dependent electron-electron interactions in metal nanoparticles

  title={Size-dependent electron-electron interactions in metal nanoparticles},
  author={Voisin and N. C. Christofilos and N DelFatti and Vall{\'e}e and Prevel and Cottancin and Lerm{\'e} and Pellarin and Broyer},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={85 10},
The internal thermalization dynamics of the conduction electrons is investigated in silver nanoparticles with radius ranging from 13 to 1.6 nm using a femtosecond IR pump-UV probe absorption saturation technique. A sharp increase of the electron energy exchange rate is demonstrated for nanoparticles smaller than 5 nm. The results are consistent with electron-electron scattering acceleration due to surface induced reduction of the Coulomb interaction screening by the conduction and core… CONTINUE READING

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