Size and shape: the developmental regulation of static allometry in insects

  title={Size and shape: the developmental regulation of static allometry in insects},
  author={A. Shingleton and W. A. Frankino and T. Flatt and H. Nijhout and D. Emlen},
  • A. Shingleton, W. A. Frankino, +2 authors D. Emlen
  • Published 2007
  • Biology, Medicine
  • BioEssays
  • Among all organisms, the size of each body part or organ scales with overall body size, a phenomenon called allometry. The study of shape and form has attracted enormous interest from biologists, but the genetic, developmental and physiological mechanisms that control allometry and the proportional growth of parts have remained elusive. Recent progress in our understanding of body‐size regulation provides a new synthetic framework for thinking about the mechanisms and the evolution of… CONTINUE READING
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