Size Structure and Floristic Diversity of Acacia trees population in Taif Area, Saudi Arabia

  title={Size Structure and Floristic Diversity of Acacia trees population in Taif Area, Saudi Arabia},
  author={A MosallamHosny and Ramadan Shawky and Ahmed A. Hashim},
  journal={Journal of Biodiversity \& Endangered Species},
Acacia trees are considered keystone species in many desert ecosystems and suffer from different anthropogenic effects. This study estimated the size structure of Acacia trees population in El-Taif area, which indicated that all the populations of Acacia present in El-Taif Area seems to be young as the proportion of small and medium individuals is greater than that of large individuals except the species Acacia albida. Absence of plant species under the canopy of Acacia trees may be due to the… 

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