Sizable NSI from the SU(2)L scalar doublet-singlet mixing and the implications in DUNE

  title={Sizable NSI from the SU(2)L scalar doublet-singlet mixing and the implications in DUNE},
  author={D V Forero and Wei-Chih Huang},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
A bstractWe propose a novel and simple mechanism where sizable effects of non-standard interactions (NSI) in neutrino propagation are induced from the mixing between an electrophilic second Higgs doublet and a charged singlet. The mixing arises from a dimensionful coupling of the scalar doublet and singlet to the standard model Higgs boson. In light of the small mass, the light mass eigenstate from the doublet-singlet mixing can generate much larger NSI than those induced by the heavy… 

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