Six transiting planets and a chain of Laplace resonances in TOI-178

  title={Six transiting planets and a chain of Laplace resonances in TOI-178},
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Determining the architecture of multi-planetary systems is one of the cornerstones of understanding planet formation and evolution. Resonant systems are especially important as the fragility of their orbital configuration ensures that no significant scattering or collisional event has taken place since the earliest formation phase when the parent protoplanetary disc was still present. In this context, TOI-178 has been the subject of particular attention since the first TESS observations hinted… Expand


Planets in Mean-Motion Resonances and the System Around HD45364
Modern celestial mechanics : aspects of solar system dynamics
2020), we computed the `1periodogram of the data with different assumptions regarding the noise covariance. We then ranked the covariance models via CV
  • 2020
Modelling errors might leave a trace in the residuals
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The posterior medians as well
  • 2018
ARES + MOOG: A Practical Overview
  • Ph.D. Thesis, Univ. of Texas Sotin,
  • 1973
A&A proofs: manuscript
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The light curves produced for all runs in this study – which are often referred to as ‘raw’ in order to indicate no post-processing detrending
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detection map of hot pixels delivered by the CHEOPS DRP
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