Six osteocalcin assays compared.

  title={Six osteocalcin assays compared.},
  author={E M D{\'i}az Diego and Rafael Corrada Guerrero and Concepci{\'o}n de la Piedra},
  journal={Clinical chemistry},
  volume={40 11 Pt 1},
We evaluated comparatively six commercially available osteocalcin kits: ELSA-OST-NAT IRMA (CIS), ELSA-Osteo IRMA (CIS), Osteocalcin IRMA (Nichols), OSTK-PR RIA (CIS), OSCA Test Osteocalcin RIA (Henning), and Osteocalcin RIA (Nichols). All of them presented acceptable values of variance, sensitivity, and serial dilutions. However, only the ELSA-OST-NAT, ELSA-Osteo, and OSCA Test kits had analytical recoveries near 100% for added purified human osteocalcin; the other assays showed important… CONTINUE READING