Six decades of changes in vascular hydrophyte and fish species in three plateau lakes in Yunnan, China

  title={Six decades of changes in vascular hydrophyte and fish species in three plateau lakes in Yunnan, China},
  author={Si-hai Wang and Juan Wang and Mao-biao Li and Fan Du and Yuming Yang and James P. Lassoie and Mohd Zafri Hassan},
  journal={Biodiversity and Conservation},
Biodiversity in the plateau lakes of Yunnan, China has decreased significantly over the past decades. To better understand this degradation, we analyzed the processes and characteristics of changes in vascular hydrophytes and fish species in three of Yunnan’s largest lakes (Dianchi, Erhai, and Fuxian). We reviewed primary literature reporting the occurrence of such species between the 1950s and 2000s. During this period, 46.3 % of native hydrophytes and 84.0 % of native fish species in Dianchi… 
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