Six cases of subclavian stenosis treated by percutaneous angioplasty.


Percutaneous angioplasty was performed on six patients with proximal left subclavian artery stenosis. The lesions treated included short band like stenoses and longer atheromatous segments and were all haemodynamically significant. The subclavian arteries were all successfully dilated using a standard angioplasty technique and there were no residual complications. Percutaneous angioplasty is shown to be an effective method of treatment of subclavian stenosis.


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@article{Cook1989SixCO, title={Six cases of subclavian stenosis treated by percutaneous angioplasty.}, author={Abigail M Cook and John F. Dyet}, journal={Clinical radiology}, year={1989}, volume={40 4}, pages={352-4} }