Six- and eight-coordinate thio- and seleno-ether complexes of NbF5 and some comparisons with NbCl5 and NbBr5 adducts.

  title={Six- and eight-coordinate thio- and seleno-ether complexes of NbF5 and some comparisons with NbCl5 and NbBr5 adducts.},
  author={Marek Jura and William Levason and Raju Ratnani and Gillian Reid and Michael Webster},
  journal={Dalton transactions},
  volume={39 3},
The reaction of RS(CH(2))(2)SR (R = Me, Et or (i)Pr) with NbF(5) produces [NbF(4){RS(CH(2))(2)SR}(2)][NbF(6)] which contain distorted eight-coordinate (dodecahedral) cations and octahedral anions, whereas RSe(CH(2))(2)SeR (R = Me or Bu(n)) form six-coordinate [(NbF(5))(2)(mu-RSe(CH(2))(2)SeR)]. Et(2)S and Me(2)Se (L) also form six-coordinate [NbF(5)(L)], but Me(2)S forms both [NbF(5)(Me(2)S)] and an eight-coordinate cation in [NbF(4)(Me(2)S)(4)][NbF(6)]. MeS(CH(2))(2)SMe forms eight-coordinate… 

Preparation and structures of coordination complexes of the very hard Lewis acids ZrF4 and HfF4.

The results are compared with previous work on TiF( 4) adducts and with complexes of MCl(4), and demonstrate that the MF(4) are very hard Lewis acids, with a marked preference for O- over N-donors.

[Cl5Ta(μ-O)TaCl3{(i)PrS(CH2)2S(i)Pr}] and [(TaCl4)2(μ-O)(μ-Me2Se2)]: two chalcogenoether complexes of Ta2OCl8 with very different geometries.

The Ta-O distances in the bridges are short in both compounds, indicating that significant multiple-bond character is retained despite the deviation from linearity, and the bond lengths reveal a clear trans influence order of O > Cl > S > Se on the hard Ta(V) centre.

Taking TiF4 complexes to extremes--the first examples with phosphine co-ligands.

The first soft donor adducts of TiF(4) have been prepared from the diphosphines in rigorously anhydrous CH(2)Cl(2), as extremely moisture sensitive yellow solids, and characterised by multinuclear NMR, IR and UV/vis spectroscopy.

Niobium tetrachloride complexes with thio-, seleno- and telluro-ether coordination - synthesis and structures.

The new complexes have been characterised by microanalysis, IR, UV-visible spectroscopy and magnetic measurements, and are very sensitive to moisture and dioxygen, and some also readily undergo C-E bond cleavage.

Synthesis, properties and structures of NbOF3 complexes and comparisons with NbOCl3 analogues.

The first series of complexes of niobium(v) oxide trifluoride have been prepared, either by reaction of the corresponding complexes of NbF5 and hexamethyldisiloxane (HMDSO) in CH2Cl2-MeCN solution, or directly from Nb F5, ligand and HMDSO.

s-Block chalcogenoether chemistry--thio- and selenoether coordination with hard Group 2 ions.

Using the MI(2) precursors provides a general entry into this area of coordination chemistry of these Group 2 ions, owing in part at least to their higher solubility in the weak donor (weakly competing) MeCN solvent.

Soft diphosphine and diarsine complexes of niobium(V) and tantalum(V) fluorides: synthesis, properties, structures and comparisons with the corresponding chlorides.

The reactions of the soft diphosphines o-C6H4(PMe2)2 with NbF5 or TaF5 in anhydrous MeCN solution produce [MF4(diphosphine)2] (M = Nb or Ta), which have been characterised by microanalysis, IR and NMR spectroscopy.

Coordination complexes of NbX5 (X = F, Cl) with (N,O)- and (O,O)-donor ligands and the first X-ray characterization of a neutral NbF5 adduct.

The new products 2-8 were fully characterized by analytical and spectroscopic techniques; the solid state structures of 2 and 8 were ascertained by X-ray diffraction studies; the structure of 2 exhibits an intramolecular bifurcated N-H···(O,F) hydrogen bond.

Niobium(V) and tantalum(V) halide chalcogenoether complexes--towards single source CVD precursors for ME₂ thin films.

A series of pentavalent niobium and tantalum halide complexes with thio-, seleno- and telluro-ether ligands, including the Ta(V) monotelluroether complexes, are investigated as single source reagents for the deposition of ME2 thin films via low pressure chemical vapour deposition.



Thio- and seleno-ether complexes with Group 4 tetrahalides and tin tetrachloride: preparation and use in CVD for metal chalcogenide films.

The generation of TiS (2), SnS(2) and SnS in this way are very rare examples of metal sulfide deposition from C-S bond fission within a thioether complex.

Transition metal complexes with wide-angle dithio-, diseleno- and ditelluroethers: properties and structural systematics.

The ligands o-C(6)H(4)(CH(2)EMe)(2) (E = S or Se) have been prepared and characterised spectroscopically. A systematic study of the coordination chemistry of these, together with the telluroether

Synthesis, spectroscopic and structural properties of hexavalent molybdenum complexes with thio- and seleno-ether ligands.

Crystal structures of three of the dithioether complexes are described and provide unequivocal evidence for Mo(vi) thioether coordination, confirming chelation of thedithio ether through long Mo-S interactions of ca.

Isolation and structures of sulfonium salts derived from thioethers: [{o-C(6)H(4)(CH(2)SMe)(2)}H][NbF(6)] and [{[9]aneS(3)}H][NbF(6)].

The eight-coordinate tetrafluoro Nb(v) cation of the dithioether is obtained from the same Reaction of the thioethers with NbF(5) in CH( 2)Cl(2) solution.

Studies on the properties of organoselenium(IV) fluorides and azides.

The first molecular structure of an organoselenium(IV) difluoride as well as the molecular structures of subsequent decomposition products have been determined by multinuclear NMR spectroscopy.

Synthesis, properties and crystal structures of 6-, 7- and 8-coordinate Zr(IV) and Hf(IV) complexes involving thioether and selenoether ligands

A series of 6-, 7- and 8-coordinate complexes of the form [MCl4(L–L)] (M = Zr, Hf; L–L = MeE(CH2)2EMe), [ZrCl4([9]aneS3)] and [MCl4{MeE(CH2)2EMe}2] (E = S or Se) has been obtained in moderate to high

Vanadium(IV) and Oxidovanadium(IV) and -(V) Complexes with Soft Thioether Coordination – Synthesis, Spectroscopic and Structural Studies

VOCl3 reacts with the thioethers RS(CH2)2SR (R = Me, Et or iPr) and 1,4-dithiane to form the first examples of VV thioether complexes, the highly reactive, intensely coloured [VOCl3(dithioether)]

Tungsten(VI) and molybdenum(VI) complexes with soft thioether ligand coordination: synthesis, spectroscopic and structural studies

Reaction of WX6 (X = Cl or Br) with O(SiMe3)2 in CH2Cl2, followed by addition of MeCN and a further equivalent of O(SiMe3)2 in CH2Cl2 gives [WO2X2(MeCN)2] in situ, which subsequently react with the

Complexes of Vanadium(V) oxide trifluoride with nitrogen and oxygen donor ligands: Coordination chemistry and some fluorination reactions

[VOF3(MeCN)], obtained by dissolving VOF3 in dry acetonitrile, is a useful synthon for the preparation of complexes of the oxide-fluoride, and the reaction with 2,2-bipyridyl, 1,10-phenanthroline,