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Six Fractal Codes of Biological Life : Perspectives in Astrobiology and Emergence of Binary Logics

  title={Six Fractal Codes of Biological Life : Perspectives in Astrobiology and Emergence of Binary Logics},
  author={John von Neumann},
The discovery of a simple numerical formula for the projection of all the atomic mass of lifesustaining CONHSP bioatoms leads to the emergence of a set of Nested CODES unifying all the biological, genetic and genomic components by unifying them from bioatoms up to whole genomes. In particular, we demonstrate the existence of a digital meta-code common to the three languages of biology that are RNA, DNA and amino acid sequences. Through this meta-code, genomic and proteomic images appear almost… 


Recursive Genome Function of the Cerebellum: Geometric Unification of Neuroscience and Genomics
Recursive Fractal Genome Function in the geometric mind frame of Tensor Network Theory (TNT) leads through FractoGene to a mathematical unification of physiological and pathological development of
Comprehensive Mapping of Long-Range Interactions Reveals Folding Principles of the Human Genome
Hi-C is described, a method that probes the three-dimensional architecture of whole genomes by coupling proximity-based ligation with massively parallel sequencing and demonstrates the power of Hi-C to map the dynamic conformations of entire genomes.
The rules of long DNA-sequences and tetra-groups of oligonucleotides
The article represents a new class of hidden symmetries in long sequences of oligonucleotides of single stranded DNA from their representative set that are associated with the common ability of all living organisms to grow and develop on the basis of incorporation into their body of new and new molecules of nutrients becoming new quantum-mechanic subsystems of the united quantum- mechanic organism.
Water Bridging Dynamics of Polymerase Chain Reaction in the Gauge Theory Paradigm of Quantum Fields
The experimental realization of PCR amplification, achieved through replacement of the DNA template by the treatment of pure water with electromagnetic signals recorded from viral and bacterial DNA solutions, is found consistent with the gauge theory paradigm of quantum fields.
DNA as an Electromagnetic Fractal Cavity Resonator: Its Universal Sensing and Fractal Antenna Behavior
We report that 3D-A-DNA structure behaves as a fractal antenna, which can interact with the electromagnetic fields over a wide range of frequencies. Using the lattice details of human DNA, we have
Our genome unveiled
The draft sequences of the human genome provide an outline of the information needed to create a human being and show, for the first time, the overall organization of a vertebrate's DNA.
Hierarchical Introspective Logics, www.math.princeton.edu/jfnj/ textsandgraphics/ Main.Content/VariousEtc./ Logic/talk.CMU/HILdos38.txt
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Nature's Secret Nutrient: The Golden Ratio Biohack for PEAK Health, Performance & Longevity
  • Paperback – February
  • 2017