Situating learning in communities of practice

  title={Situating learning in communities of practice},
  author={Jean Lave},
  booktitle={Perspectives on socially shared cognition},
  • J. Lave
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    Perspectives on socially…
  • Political Science, Computer Science
What would happen if a different eye, culturally and historically sensitized by an excursion through forms of apprenticeship i n different parts of the world, e-rrc turned on specific contemporary cultural and historical features of learning pr,:, .;-<: . . L ~ : .. as these are situated i n communities of practice in tht United States? I < . l i h t ~ rh:jn turning to school-like activities for confirmation and guidance about tile llalur;. of learning, that gaze ~ ~ o u l d reverse the… Expand
Learning accountability literacies in educational workplaces: situated learning and processes of commodification
Literacies are always learned in particular social places and spaces, and the nature of a site shapes the experiences people have of learning literacies there. This paper considers the experiences ofExpand
Key Aspects of Communities of Practice That Enable Primary Maths Teacher Learning
This chapter illuminates how teachers’ different mathematical histories and appropriation of affordances through participation in the CoP programme, called the Numeracy Inquiry Community of Leader Educators (NICLE), enabled strengthened mathematics teacher identities. Expand
Pedagogical practice after the information age
Abstract This paper sets out some new ways of thinking and doing pedagogy in the twenty-first century. It indi-cates how 'content' and 'learning' are being transformed in the new millennium, andExpand
Situated learning in science education: socio‐scientific issues as contexts for practice
This paper presents situated learning as a theoretical framework for conceptualising new ways to approach science education. Key constructs associated with this framework, including communities ofExpand
Understanding Learner-centredness: Does it consider the diverse needs of individuals?
In light of the significant changes happening in all sectors of our society, we in the education sector and in particular in the universities, have adopted a number of innovative ideas for deliveringExpand
Making sense of the community college: interrogating belongingness
Drawing on the transformative potential of critical-theoretical learning grounded in the CHAT framework of recognizing the bi-directional relationship between learning and development, the presentExpand
Unpacking Emergent Teaching Practices with Digital Technology
  • Teresa Cerratto Pargman
  • Sociology
  • Emergent Practices and Material Conditions in Learning and Teaching with Technologies
  • 2019
What changes when digital technology is used in the classroom, and how do we identify these changes? These questions motivated the present study, which sought to contribute to the discourse on theExpand
Creating Authentic On-Line Communities of Professional Practice
The convergence of theory and research on socially shared cognition represents a promising new direction for understanding how to enhance the intellectual growth of individuals. In this presentation,Expand
2 From Practice Fields to Communities of Practice
In writing this chapter, we (a constructivist and a situativity theorist) struggled with the distinction between situativity and constructivism. and the implications in terms of the design ofExpand
Stories of learning, identity, navigations and boundary crossings in STEM in non-dominant communities: new imaginaries for research and action
Marta Civil’s paper “STEM learning research through a funds of knowledge lens” can be read as a story about her trajectory as a researcher of everyday and school mathematics over time, grounded inExpand


Meaning, Context, and Control:Convergent trends and controversial issues in current Social‐scientific research on Human cognition and communication
A survey of a wide range of social‐scientific disciplines reveals a definite convergence of theoretical interest in human cognition and communication as situated, concerned, and embedded in socialExpand
A School Is a Lousy Place To Learn Anything in
1 This chapter was originally published in American Behavioral Scientist (1972): 85-105, and is reproduced in BURGESS R G (1995) Howard Becker on Education Buckingham: OU Press (which includes theExpand
Learning to Labor: How Working-Class Kids Get Working-Class Jobs
Contents: Key to transcripts Introduction. Part I Ethnography: Elements of a culture Class and institutional form of a culture Labour power, culture, class and institution. Part II Analysis:Expand
Cognition in practice : mind, mathematics, and culture in everyday life
List of figures List of tables Preface 1. Introduction: psychology and anthropology I Part I. Theory in Practice: 2. Missionaries and cannibals (indoors) 3. Life after school 4. Psychology andExpand
Ideology and the Curriculum
  • M. Apple
  • Sociology, Political Science
  • 1979
Preface to the 25th Anniversary Third Edition Preface to the Second Edition 1. On Analyzing Hegemony 2. Ideology and Cultural and Economic Reproduction 3. Economics and Control in Everyday SchoolExpand
Cosmopolitical obstetrics: some insights from the training of traditional midwives.
  • B. Jordan
  • Medicine
  • Social science & medicine
  • 1989
Drawing on data from several years of ethnographic fieldwork with Maya midwives in Yucatan and on participation in government-sponsored training courses for indigenous midwives, some of the reasons underlying this failure of training programs for TBAs are examined. Expand
Jocks and Burnouts: Social Categories and Identity in the High School
Dr. Eckert shows how the school's institutional environment fosters the formation of opposed class cultures in the student population, which in turn serve as a social tracking system.
Cosmtrpolirical obsrctrics; Some insights from the training of traditional midwives. Social .kit'hr.r und
  • Cosmtrpolirical obsrctrics; Some insights from the training of traditional midwives. Social .kit'hr.r und
  • 1989
Cosmtrpolirical obsrctrics; Some insights from the training of traditional midwives. Social .kit'hr.r und ,tfedicinp
  • 1989