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Situating Islam: The Past and Future of an Academic Discipline

  title={Situating Islam: The Past and Future of an Academic Discipline},
  author={Aaron W. Hughes},
Between critics and caretakers: current introductions to Islam
Abstract Among a general abundance of literature on Islam, a number of books by scholars of religion and Islamicists have now found regular use in religious-studies programs. This article examines
Engaging the History of Religions - from an Islamic Studies Perspective
The future and relevance of the history of religions discipline in the Swedish context has been discussed lately. This article is a response to this debate from an Islamic studies perspective. The
Redeeming Islam : Constructing the Good Muslim Subject in the Contemporary Study of Religion
This paper provides a perspective and analysis of the notion of ‘redeeming Islam’ Islam as the subject of attempts by others to save it. The paper challenges the contemporary scholarship undertaken
I Have a Hunch 1
Abstract Using the same arguments that, in the 1960s, were successfully employed to establish the institutionally autonomous, non-reductive study of religion (generally understood as the public,
Islam, Women and Violence
Islam is a religion of vast dimensions which has inspired great civilizations and today offers many men and women comfort and ethical guidance. In this paper I suggest that the tension between the