Siting Encounters and Encountering Sites: Contemporary Narrative Geographies

  title={Siting Encounters and Encountering Sites: Contemporary Narrative Geographies},
  author={Kari Meyers Skredsvig},
The following article, the third of a series which examines connections between women and space, examines significant relationships between geography (space/place) and literature, in terms of their chronological development, their functions, and their repercussions. In literary considerations of space, the concept of geography has evolved from indicating physical place to imaginary sites of selfconstruction and socio-ideological insertion. Contemporary literary theories have appropriated… 

At the crossroads: critical race theory and critical geographies of race

Critical geographers of race and critical race theory share common theoretical, conceptual, and political goals, yet we have not engaged with each other in a substantive fashion. I discuss critical



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