Site-specific recombination promotes plasmid amplification in yeast.

  title={Site-specific recombination promotes plasmid amplification in yeast.},
  author={Fredric C. Volkert and James R. Broach},
  volume={46 4},
All stable, naturally occurring circular yeast DNA plasmids contain a pair of long, nontandem inverted repeats that undergo frequent reciprocal recombination. This yields two plasmid inversion isomers that exist in the cell in equal numbers. In the 2 mu circle plasmid of S. cerevisiae such inversion is catalyzed by a plasmid-encoded site-specific recombinase, FLP. We show that the site-specific recombination system of 2 mu circle enables the plasmid to increase its mean intracellular copy… CONTINUE READING

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