Site-selective affinity labelling of maltose binding protein in bacterial cells.

  title={Site-selective affinity labelling of maltose binding protein in bacterial cells.},
  author={Anthony Rullo and Andrew A Beharry and Rodolfo F. G{\'o}mez-Biagi and Xiong Zhao and Mark Nitz},
  journal={Chembiochem : a European journal of chemical biology},
  volume={13 6},
Carbohydrates play diverse roles in biological processes through selective binding interactions to their cognate carbohydrate binding protein. This important class of biomolecular interactions is exemplified by the interactions of Siglecs, galectins and selectins, which control many aspects of the immune response. The development of selective probes for carbohydrate binding proteins would provide useful tools to further understand their complex biological roles. Early labelling strategies for… CONTINUE READING


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