Site of mitomycin-C application during trabeculectomy.

  title={Site of mitomycin-C application during trabeculectomy.},
  author={Jo{\~a}o Ant{\^o}nio Prata and Donald S. Minckler and George Baerveldt and Paul P. Lee and Dale K Heuer},
  journal={Journal of glaucoma},
  volume={3 4},
The outcome and postoperative complications after trabeculectomies with mitomycin-C application before flap dissection (episcleral) or after flap dissection (scleral bed) were analyzed retrospectively in 82 patients (82 eyes). Thirty-six eyes (43.9%) had an episcleral mitomycin-C application, and 46 (56.1%) had scleral-bed mitomycin-C administration. After a mean follow-up of 10.1 +/- 3.8 months and 9.9 +/- 4.3 months for the episcleral and scleral-bed groups, respectively, complete success… CONTINUE READING

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