Site-directed mutagenesis of the yeast multicopper oxidase Fet3p.

  title={Site-directed mutagenesis of the yeast multicopper oxidase Fet3p.},
  author={Candice C. Askwith and Jerry Kaplan},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={273 35},
High affinity iron transport in yeast is mediated by two proteins, Fet3p and Ftr1p. The multicopper oxidase Fet3p is thought to convert extracellular ferrous iron to ferric iron, which then crosses the plasma membrane through the permease Ftr1p. Fet3p is capable of oxidizing other substrates, such as p-phenylenediamine, and there is still a question of whether it is the ferroxidase activity that is essential for iron transport. Fet3p is also required for Ftr1p localization to the cell surface… CONTINUE READING