Site-Resolved Imaging of Bosonic Mott Insulator of $^7$Li atoms

  title={Site-Resolved Imaging of Bosonic Mott Insulator of \$^7\$Li atoms},
  author={Kiryang Kwon and Kyungtae Kim and Junhyeok Hur and SeungJung Huh and Jae-yoon Choi},
We demonstrate a single-site and single-atom-resolved fluorescence imaging of a bosonic Mott insulator of 7Li atoms in an optical lattice. The fluorescence images are obtained by implementing Raman sideband cooling on a deep two-dimensional square lattice, where we collect scattered photons with a high numerical aperture objective lens. The square lattice is created by a folded retro-reflected beam configuration that can reach 2.5 mK lattice depth from a single laser source. The lattice beam is… 

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