Sister-chromatid exchanges: a report of the GENE-TOX program.

  title={Sister-chromatid exchanges: a report of the GENE-TOX program.},
  author={Samuel A. Latt and Jason Allen and Stephen Bloom and Anthony Carrano and E V Falke and David Kram and Erasmus Schneider and R Schreck and Raymond Richard Tice and B L Whitfield and Sheldon Wolff},
  journal={Mutation research},
  volume={87 1},
The effects of a number of chemicals on sister-chromatid exchange (SCE) frequencies in in vivo and in vitro systems are reviewed. Standardized protocols for future SCE testing in important systems, as well as for evaluation of test results, are presented. Data reported thus far suggest that SCE analysis may prove useful, especially at a secondary level, as a test of mutagenic carcinogens. Strengths and limitations of SCE analysis are summarized as a guide for future evaluation and use of this… CONTINUE READING