Sistema Experto para la prevención de enfermedades basado en el consumo de alimentos cotidianos

  title={Sistema Experto para la prevenci{\'o}n de enfermedades basado en el consumo de alimentos cotidianos},
  author={Hugo Froil{\'a}n Vega Huerta and Augusto Cort{\'e}z V{\'a}squez and Ana Maria Huayna},
The objective of this article is to explain how to model an Expert System (ES) for the prevention and treatment of illnesses based on the daily food consumption. In summary, the Expert System that we have modelling, permit you to register as entry symptoms, illnesses, or medical test results from a patient and generates as output a list of alternatives of foods that the patient should consume at breakfasts, lunches, and dinner. Thus , the patient relieves their symptoms, maintaining where… CONTINUE READING


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