Sirt6 regulates TNFα secretion via hydrolysis of long chain fatty acyl lysine

  title={Sirt6 regulates TNFα secretion via hydrolysis of long chain fatty acyl lysine},
  author={Hong Jiang and Saba Khan and Yi Wang and Guillaume Charron and Bin He and C Joseph Sebastian and Jintang Du and Ray Kim and Eva Ge and Ra{\'u}l Mostoslavsky and Howard C Hang and Qingsheng Hao and Hening Lin},
The Sir2 family of enzymes or sirtuins are known as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD)-dependent deacetylases and have been implicated in the regulation of transcription, genome stability, metabolism and lifespan. However, four of the seven mammalian sirtuins have very weak deacetylase activity in vitro. Here we show that human SIRT6 efficiently removes long-chain fatty acyl groups, such as myristoyl, from lysine residues. The crystal structure of SIRT6 reveals a large hydrophobic pocket… CONTINUE READING
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